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The Educator Experience

Earthpark will offer on-site and online classes and workshops to prepare new teachers for the classroom, update and refresh experienced teachers, and help current teachers recruit and mentor students considering Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers. Examples may include:

How Do We Learn?

Teachers will explore current research on how we learn and will then be able to develop strategies to reach each student’s personal best.

Inquiry Learning in Natural Settings

With the entire campus as their classroom, teachers will experience a new range of multidisciplinary classes and workshops. They will recognize the endless possibilities for experiential learning in their school yard, a vacant lot, garden, nearby stream or farm. Teachers will build the confidence to engage children’s natural curiosity through experiencing the process of science, while developing critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Project-Based Learning

Teachers will learn to engage students in projects focused on ecology in their local communities.  Project-based learning helps students see connections, synthesize information and become problem solvers. Community-wide projects build a sense of place, pride and teamwork as students identify, analyze and work cooperatively with others to solve a community problem.

Enhancing Curriculum with Current Events

Seminars, movies, documentaries and multiple speaker series will focus on topics ranging from climate change to children’s health.