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The Earthpark Story

Enhanced learning is the point of Earthpark. A national Education Design Team* laid the foundation for immersive, participatory teaching experiences, and professional educators from all levels continue to incorporate the latest research.

Virtual outreach is integral to Earthpark. Web-based learning programs, beginning during construction, will focus on “green building” methods such as design, site preparation and integrating alternative energy sources.

As Earthpark learning programs mature, educators will have access to a myriad of online teaching tools, lesson plans, activities and professional development opportunities. Online programs that mirror those on-site will be available to students, teachers and electronic visitors around the world, also serving those looking for greater depth after their in-person visit.

With its entire campus created as a natural, transparent, “green” classroom, Earthpark will host programs designed and offered cooperatively with local school districts, colleges and universities, businesses and other informal science institutions/attractions. Leading-edge technology will supplement and enhance learning; e.g., handheld computers, special glasses or earphones, data ports, “talking walls” and advanced virtual reality. Earthpark will partner with area education agencies to develop and provide experiential learning modules and other useful materials for educators, business leaders and interested visitors.

Earthpark will strive to achieve designation and associated financial support as a National Science Foundation “Science of Learning Center.” We will also create Earthpark Certification for students, educators, parents, businesses, CEOs and others who actively participate in our learning programs. Methods will be developed to measure both the immediate and long-term effectiveness of these efforts. Some of these programs will be available opening day; others will be incorporated as Earthpark grows and evolves.