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Earthpark Goals

1. Become the premier national center for ecological literacy by demonstrating, integrating and promoting sustainable and restorative living principles across the entire Earthpark campus.

  • Reconnect children with nature; increase appreciation for nature and understanding of environmental issues and potential solutions among all Earthpark visitors.
  • Become one of our nation’s premier green technology centers, a green training center for corporate America, and a model and resource for all society.

2. Become a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career learning center for youth, parents and educators to increase awareness of and interest in STEM careers, including science and mathematics teaching.

3. Become our nation’s premier professional development center for educational excellence in inquiry-based learning.

Earthpark Objectives

1. Partner with education groups and businesses to transparently demonstrate and build awareness of green building techniques, energy-efficient strategies, and alternative and renewable energy technologies, such as solar, wind, geothermal and biofuels.

2. Use the indoor rainforest biome, integrated aquarium, outdoor oak savannah forest and Iowa prairie to immerse visitors of all ages in the wonders and complexities of nature. Use these experiences to connect local ecology to the rest of the world, increase appreciation for nature, and initiate discussions on environmental issues and the role individuals can play in being part of the solution.

3. Increase interest in STEM careers for Pre K–16 students by developing partnerships with businesses and school districts.

4. Extend to all Iowa K–12 students the opportunity to participate in Earthpark’s inquiry-based learning platform at least three times before graduation.

5. Become a unique resource for inquiry-based professional development, building on broadbased educational partnerships.