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Earthpark Mission:

“Inspiring generations to learn from the natural world.”

Imperatives for Action

1. Life on Earth is threatened by the growing human population, climate change and the cumulative impact individuals have on our global life support system.

2. Transformational learning experiences are required to alter human behavior and individual decision-making on the necessary global scale.

3. Our nation needs a nexus for the ecological literacy movement and a model for sustainable and restorative living.

Need for Catalytic Change

1. Critical shortages of professional scientists and engineers in the U.S. workforce are threatening U.S. global competitiveness.

2. Current educational methods cannot keep pace with rapid change; students are preparing for careers that do not yet exist, and will be asked to utilize technology that has yet to be invented to address tomorrow’s problems.

3. Systemic deficiencies exist in K–16 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, as illustrated by:

  • A critical shortage of accredited STEM educators;
  • A lack of student interest in math and sciences fueled by the absence of meaningful and engaging forums and methods for scientific inquiry;
  • A focus on testing scores in math and reading that has led some educators to shift focus away from science or eliminate it from the curriculum.

4. The general public and many in leadership roles have not recognized the critical nature of environmental problems or the urgent need for transformational change, resulting in an inadequate response locally and globally to environmental degradation.

5. Our children’s lack of connection with the natural world may be a factor contributing to unprecedented rates of childhood obesity, diabetes, depression and ADHD (as described by author Richard Louv in Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder).

“Earthpark will inspire the world’s students, engage their teachers, and prepare the next generation of scientists and engineers…”